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by iGreenEarth
MOOOO!!! Get a virtual farm in your pocket! Play fun farm animal sounds accompanied by HD photos of all your favorite farm animals on the farm, funny close-ups, and farm landscapes around the...
by Innovative Mobile Apps
★★★★★ Who knew that something so simple could be so much fun for the little ones. :-)

55+ Unique Animal Sounds - A fun and educational app for kids

Get the first 20 Sounds...
by iGreenEarth
Unleash a jungle of fun animal sounds on your iPhone for FREE! Animal Chatter combines HD photos optimized for retina display with fun animal sounds. Touch photos to hear the sounds of more than...
The animals are out to play! Animal Sounds from iTots gives your child the chance to interact and learn, with pre-made sight and sound flashcards.

Each card is presented as a full colour...
by Tommy Hass
"Animal sounds puzzle for kids" is a puzzle game for small kids and toddlers from ages 1-6
It features 10 beautiful designed puzzles, featuring the famous environment and animals from the...
by Olivier BERNAL
The Moo Box is an educational app that enables children, as of the age of 2, to discover the sounds of more than 100 animals.

Watch your child’s awareness develop; watch him/her laugh, be...
by Hakim Boukhatem
★★★ Animal Sounds Library 100% Free ★★★
Free Animal Sounds includes more than a hundred sounds.

This app for iPhone offers many and varied animal sounds of exceptional quality. This...
by Mathijs Vreeman
Animal Sounds for Kids. LITE
by Fabio Bassan
The funniest application to entertain your kids!
Entertain your toddlers with this super simple application, perfectly suited for your babies.

√ easy and immediate
√ 36 animal...
by Publigence
Fun with animal sounds lets your child explore beautiful animal pictures and learn their sounds.

- In the Animal Parade gorgeous full-screen animal pictures come to life through a simple...