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by Mihai M
Start having some geeky fun!
Quiz for Geeks is the perfect trivia game for geeks who are looking for a challenge. As you play, the difficulty increases. Thousands of questions cover topics like...
by BSP Applications
Hot Potato - The Quiz Game is a game in which you can compete against other players in answering questions correctly and as fast as possible.

You can play alone, against computer-generated...
by Polipone
QUIZ SAGA is a collection of quiz game of various arguments.
Here you have ITALIAN's soccer players: CALCIATORI
you have to guess the names of several soccer players.
You can use...
by 4fig Applications
How many celebrities do you know?

This fun quiz consists on guessing the names of hundreds of celebrities. You are presented with a caricature of the celebrity and have to select the...
Guess The Caricature! Guess the celebrity caricatures drawn like cartoon characters in this brand new, free logo quiz game. Featuring movie stars, TV characters, hip hop stars, basketball players...
by OnAir Player Inc.
OnAir Player let's you access music from all your devices, stream it throughout the house and remote control it from your tablet or PC.

It's like your private music cloud that turns every...
by Independent Tech
How many football teams logos you know?
Test your knowledge with The Football Logo Quiz 2!
by Abdullah_Hafeez
BOOST YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!! A quiz game based on your knowledge of the world! Guess the country, capital or flag to earn points. Easiest and fastest way to learn about the world!
by EleniDnD
A quiz for the fans of the Game Of Thrones series! How well do you think you know the house of the Lannisters, the Baratheons, the Targaryens and the Starks? Take this quiz and find out!
by Nikki Punjabi
In iMusic Player you can play audio/video files where there are shortcuts to all the controls that are need to play and view file easily and quickly. You can control this app on your finger tips.