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Electric Color Code is a simple application to find out the color code of the conductors used in United States. For single or three phase system. Fast and easy application for electricians and...
by J. J. Fowler
Bill's Notepad - Resistor color code.

A handy reference that displays the resistor color-code. Useful for the engineer, electrician, student, or even the do-it-yourselfer when working with...
by Ioannis Karintzaidis
Calculate the resistor value you want to use.
The app will show you the color code of that resistor (4-band resistor).
Calculate the current by changing the resistor value or by changing...
by Embedded Design Works, Inc.
Resistor Color Code with Light Emitting Diode Calculator (Lite)
-Select the colors to determine resistance value.
-Able to select between 4, 5, and 6 band color code.
-Selecting the...
by Thomas Finke
Color Codes allows you to create your own colors, find RGB and hex values of those and more, and even view different strobe lights. Are you trying to coordinate colors with someone? Not sure if...
by Narula
Compatible with iPhone 5.
Requires iOS 6.

Hex Color Wheel provides a simple color selector with sliders and/or entering RGB value to display the color and get the hex code for the...
by Colby Furniss
Telecom Color Code Calculator, for copper cabling.This calculator will help you translate any cable pair in to it’s corresponding pair color or pair number. You can type in a cable pair number and...
by Engine twelve games
Do you think you're smart? Do you think you're fast? Do you think you're the best? Then let Color Code put you to the test. It's fun!Color Code generates a 4-color combination....
by Brainpub for Theme
Too lovely color code cacao Flick New Year's Eve theme - color-coded New Year katok theme- New Year's theme is the color code of a girl with a lovely face. Accept Bossier'll regret ever...
The perfect application to refer to the color code.