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Based on the Original Blek Game for iOS
*** Its Like Magic! ***
Works on All Windows Phone 7 and 8 Devices, no one is left behind!

Blek is a unique game about imagination and...
by Zona Paradoxal Lda.
Think Fast! challenges you to use your brain and your reflexes by playing games that try to trick your brain to do the opposite.

At this moment it has three different levels:

by Clever-Software
Power Links is a free puzzle game created by Clever Software. Connect all pairs of colored circles to close the circuit and light up LED lights! But remember - those circuits cannot overlap each...
by xlr8
Color Sorter is a fun to play and easy to learn game for people of all ages. The objective of the game is simple: you must sort the colors. It may sound easy at first, but there are a variety of...
by Nathan Sokalski
Curves Gone Wild is a simulator of the popular children's toy in which one circle rolls around inside another drawing a design of a continuous curved line. The app allows you to choose all three...
by 7 Dragons
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'Calendar, Clock, Notepad, Sticky Notes, ToDo List - Productivity Helper' brings you 5 beautiful, easy to use, productivity enhancing features for one...
by Rudnis
Click fast...! But be careful, it's easy to miss!

Click (or tap) the circles in a given color until the whole board is full.
You get points for the right clicks, but there is also a...
by 厦门美图网科技有限公司
MeituPic for Windows Phone, User-friendly as well as the PC version, with the features of editing, cutting, adjusting color, adding text、effects、frames, to create beauty photos and also can share...
by BrownWindy
Cleo de Nile is one of the oldest ghouls attending the school at the famous Monster High, she's 5,842 and we have to admit it girls: at her age she really looks drop-dead gorgeous! That might be...
by kanoe
Computer draws one of 4 aces in different colors. Player must guess this color. The game ends when one of player reach 5 points.

2-6 players