Dj Style Filter Sweeps Apps

Dj style filter sweeps in description

by Sequence Mediaworks LLC

The amazing sBASSdrum drum machine and synthesizer let's you blast off to new sonic realms with your iPad! Instantly add DJ-style filter/resonance...
by Sound Trends LLC
Create non-stop mixes and new music tracks on your iPhone and iPod touch. Use it as a live remix and loop-based performance tool. Great for adding spice to a DJ set or to pull out at your next...
by Markus Waldboth
★ BassLine was used by Gorillaz on their album "The Fall"!

NEW! Play and tweak BassLine from external MIDI keyboards, sequencers, hardware controllers, or other iOS apps like Little MIDI...
by Pulse Code, Inc.
Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound

• High fidelity virtual analog synthesis using band limited oscillators and...
by mikrosonic
Create your own Electro House tracks! With these new SPC scenes you can mash up and mix your own Electro tracks with high quality audio material from Loopmasters, the #1 provider of sample...
by Smilebox
• New designs weekly, many animated effects
• 100% FREE, no hidden purchases
• Post animated creations as videos on Instagram
• Create and share with no log-in
• 1 million+...
by Moog Music Inc.
• Audiobus and JACK support, for total integration with your other audio apps! Filtatron can act as a source, a destination, or a filter for audio from other compatible apps.

by The Strange Agency LLC
☢ Turn any recording into a unique synthesizer! ☢

Use the built-in presets or any recording to create sounds never heard before. Make a synth from opera, from screeching cats, from the...
by Clicker
It’s everyone’s favourite MMO reimagined as a 1980’s LCD games console!

Complete quests! Fight the boss! Level up! Complete more quests! Fight the boss again! Did we mention that you...
by francky06l
YaV1 (Yet Another V1 application) enhances the capabilities of your Valentine One Radar Locator when used in conjunction with the V1Connection Bluetooth adapter, and allows you to tailor its...