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FATE (Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography) is the original focused echocardiography protocol practiced since 1989 as a supplement to the clinical evaluation. FATE is easily and quickly...
by Imago LLC
★★★ #1 Value for Echo★★★

Key Features
☆ Exam Calculators
✔ AVA (Cont EQ)
✔ Pressure Gradient
✔ LA Pressure
✔ Qp
✔ Qs
by Imago LLC
★★★ #1 Value for Echo★★★ This app is for echocardiographers, students and physicians. Key Features ☆ Exam Protocols ✔ Adult ✔ Pediatric ✔ TEE ☆ Indications ☆ Lab Values ☆ Tables of normal/abnormal...
by James Lamberg
Gas Guide is a free medical resource intended for medical students and residents.

Gas Guide gives you quick and easy access to anesthesia information, operative safety checklists, and...
by Imago LLC
★★★ #1 Value for Ultrasound★★★

Key Features

☆ Exam Protocols 
☆ Notes tab to store your notes 
☆ Indications with ICD-9 code 
☆ Lab Values 
☆ Tables of...
by Fawaz Salah
Echo geek is a group of echocardiography technologist putting together their experience in order to make valuable information for everyone want to know echocardiography. This application is a part...
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by REKESh Comp Ltd.
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This app is a Lite version of CARDIO3® Comprehensive Atlas of Echocardiography (ISBN 80-969114-8-1) - reference/learning tool for...
by Acid Remap LLC
Paramedic Protocol Provider provides quick offline access to over 350 field treatment protocols from the USA, Canada and Ireland.

A $4.99 annual in-app subscription may be required to...
by Natalie Cauffman
By Natalie Cauffman RDMS, RVT, RT(R)

Finally! A useful application for sonographers! Ultrasound Protocols and Image Reference Handbook was created by a sonographer for sonographers. ...