English Irregualar Verbs Apps

English irregualar verbs in description

by PlanetDrives
Bilingual English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary

- Fast and easy-to-use interface to search words and show their translations.
- Dictionary entries are marked with style and...
by PlanetDrives
Latin-English dictionary for iPhone and iPod Touch. Based on "William Whitaker's Words", the most accurate and comprehensive Latin dictionary.

- Fast and easy-to-use interface to search...
by PlanetDrives
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English explanatory dictionary and thesaurus for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Based on WordNet lexical database...
by PlanetDrives

English-Korean dictionary for iPhone and iPod Touch

- Fast and easy-to-use interface to search words and show their translations.
- Dictionary...
If you decided to improve your English language skills, then this application will become your indispensable assistant!
The application provides full list of 620 English irregular verbs. Each...
by Sylvain HUOT
You wonder if the correct form is I drow, I draw ou I drew ?
Not even better for to hide, I hid ou I hide ?
In order not to have any doubts, the Do Did Done Lite application offers you to...
by GigiApps
This app help you to master simple past and past participle of english irregular verbs.
Guess the right verb form, receive a score if you answer correctly. Listen the correct...
VerbBusters is a complete set of reference and practice materials for learning the English irregular verbs. It provides a quiz type activity on six levels of difficulty, bilingual verb lists and a...
by Language Success Press
The Business English Power Verbs app will help you speak better English at work. And it's on sale now for only $3.99 (you save $1 off the regular price of $4.99!). Improve your Business English and...
by Dmitry Kunin
This is a simple but good looking table of english irregular verbs. At your choice a table of 50 basic verbs and more advanced version, which includes 136 irregular verbs. You can use "look...