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by Train Simple
If you want to learn how to convert a design from an Adobe® Photoshop® file, into an HTML/CSS document, then this course is for you. It’s a video-based, step-by-step course that explains everything...
by Mintaka Research, LLC


Interpret and compose maritime signals with a tap of the finger for safety and communications. Use it as a practical resource and a learning tool. This...
by World Class Beer
Whether you’re an experienced beer drinker or just trying to find out what all the fuss is about, World Class Beer has something for you. Breweries, beer brand stories and pictures for thousands...
by Dynotes Mobile Technology LTD.
★ The Countdown is On! ★

School Countdown is your go-to-app to tell you how long school is left. With classes and a built in timetable so that you won't lose track of the school year. When...
A workout timer used by class instructors to time Jillian Michael's BODYSHRED class.
by BlackMuse Software
Audio Class Notes is the easiest way to record class lectures, tag the important points, and study faster than ever before by jumping right to the important parts.

Audio Class Notes lets...
by Ceardannan
Gain a mastery of English!

My English Class contains a complete offline written English course, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises. All words and...
by Ice Media Creative
Class Timetable is the perfect companion for school, college or university. Keep track of classes and add events to your week's schedule with ease.

Now with over 700,000 downloads and a...
by Abraham Stolk
"The little tank that could" attends Panzer Class!

Guide the little tank through five free levels of action packed fun. Use your wits to solve the physics puzzles that confront the little...
by Dustlab
Classes is a smart schedule for school and university.

Immediately after starting the app, the next class is displayed with all relevant information. On rotating the device, you are...