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Fantastic free puzzle in description

by Matt Rix
"The best puzzle game on the App Store."

What's the difference between Trainyard and Express? In the full game there are more than 100 more puzzles, and you can even MAKE YOUR OWN...
by CodeCube Brothers Partnership
[ Fantastic puzzles and now every levels are free ]

Pipes are mixed and the plumber is stuck. Your goal is to help the plumber to build pipelines in the right places. One another in...
by Perfect Dimension
Save the Pencil 2 is here! Make sure to check it out in the App Store...improved graphics, loads of new puzzles, secrets to unlock, controllable enemies, character abilities and much much...
by Ferran Tebe
- Are you looking for a really entertaining app?

- Do you need to find a good game that fill these routes, delays or boring moments?


by Gadgetcrafts
Take a train and go for GOLD!
But it's not easy because there aren't any rails.
You have to track them down!

But you've got the limited time.
Do it as fast as you can or the...
by Big Fish Games, Inc
A mystical talisman draws you to Mystery Island! Survive the island`s strange inhabitants while hunting down hidden items and solving fantastical puzzles. Every item found and puzzle solved will...
by Puzzazz, Inc.
The best way to solve puzzles in the digital world is also the best way to solve the daily New York Times crossword, at no additional charge. Puzzazz is the only app where the crossword puzzles...
by NewayApple
iWind Force is a radically new and innovative puzzle game; a unique addition to its genre.

In this game, you are the master of wind, and your mission is to bring Jimmy and his fire...
Remember the game show "Classic Concentration"? Now it's available to play on your iOS device!

★Underneath the 25 game board boxes are prizes, match the prizes to reveal...
by Daniele Maiorana
Sheeprof is a new fantastic puzzle game, with great graphics, animations and very nice sounds and musics!
It will keep you glued to the screen!

The objective of Sheeprof is to clear...