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by klwong
Help the ninja pig eliminate the androids, and don't fall! Supports touch and mouse/keyboard input.
by onioro
Help the little ninja jump across rooftops to cross the city by tapping the screen!
by R.S.A
The game is STILL FREE! NO ADVERTISE! Push Try and you will get FULL and UNCUT version.

Join us:

You can buy if you want help us create sequel....
by GameSV
Michelanglo eat pizza on the sly, he be caught by his master and have to run away. Unfortunately, he unintentionally run in the area that gravity be changed. Michel have to always running and...
by CreatioSoft
The brand new running game, 3D Jungle Runner, hits on its dynamite debut on your Smart Phone!Life is short but running makes it seem longer! but in 3D format life become full of excitement....
by realtech VR
Brotherhood of Violence 2 - Blood Impact puts your fighting skills to the test with stunning 3D graphics, multiple fighting disciplines, and more than 400 ever evolving fighters that learn through...
by Digital Eyes
The TechNet Wiki Widget is a little App to help you stay on top of new and updated TechNet Wiki articles.
It also highlights the TechNet Wiki Ninja Blogs who celebrate and evangelize the...
by Azazel Games
"Jetpack Prisoner Escape" is a fun platformer where you have to help a prisoner escape all the obstacles and reach his destination. Armed with a jetpack, gadgets and utilities, you must avoid being...
by Kiloo
Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog....
by B.B.APE
WHAT'S NEW? (V1.4.0)
• Add Online Batter Leaderboard.
• Minor bugfixes.

Colorblind Let’s you train your left and right brain through interesting exercises!

Now it’s your...