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by Appiplayer
(iAd Version,Full functionality) Group SMS and Email helps you to manage groups in your address book directly from your iPhone. With just a ‘Tap’, you can SMS / Email to all your group members at...
by Mario Rastelli
Codice Fiscale Italia è un'applicazione che permettere di calcolare il proprio codice fiscale.

Versione 1.0
- Primo rilascio

Versione 1.1
- Aggiunta la...
by Younghan Youn
* iAD version!
Bananarace game is originated from the best Doongdoong episode Bananarace series.
There are 5 levels.
If you want to go next level, you have to gain banana asking for...
by CharlieSoftware.com
"When it is Oct 28, 2010 09:00 in United States/San Francisco, what time will it be in United Kingdom/London?" Often people ask this kind of questions; especially when you work with people in...
by Code Line

It's tough being grounded. And we're not talking about the "go straight to your room after dinner" type. That's for kids. We're talking about the need to...

Metal Warrior : Free (iAD version) is a 3D FPS game and a 3D quest set in a space base world.
Find all enemies and destroy them.

Features :

by zhonghui chen
With this app,you can read and edit microsoft excel files easily.This is an iAd version !
by Scott Kehrberg
Loan Payoff lets you determine how quickly you can payoff a loan by increasing your monthly payment. Just enter the current balance, annual interest rate, current monthly payment, and the...
by alchemistmuffin Inc.
DiamondLight HQ (High Quality) is the newest LED flashlight application for iPhone 4, and an awsome LCD flashlight app iPhone 3G/3Gs and iPod touch

The LED on the iPhone 4, originally...
by Love.Echo.Inc
"Fire : Glow Doodle - lite"
Real fire in iPhone!
It's a small app, but it's a cool glow fire creater.
It's art flame, simple and useable. Chosen arbitrarily fashion and color, design...