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by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions
100% Free Mastersoft Chess has one of the World's best Desktop PC chess engines crammed inside! This engine finished 4th in the World Microcomputer Chess Championships and is not available in any...
by Tom Kerrigan
NEW! This Apple Staff Favorite is now a universal binary that is designed for the iPhone AND iPad.

Over 600 million people worldwide know how to play chess.

Now you can learn how...
by Tom Kerrigan
PopGroup Lite lets you play 3- and 4-color modes for free!

PopGroup is a clean, polished, no-frills version of the classic "samegame" concept...
by Joan Michael
Chess is one of the world's most popular games . Among all the board games, chess is the most optimal game that mixing strategy and tactics together with pure technology.

For you can...
by Optime Software LLC
Are you tired of playing chess games that look like they were designed for a Commodore 64 instead of an iPhone? We've got the antidote for you. Chess Free is the best chess game for the iPhone...
by Zynga
Play chess with your friends and family anytime, anywhere – for FREE!



• “Chess With Friends is hands down...
by Tord Romstad
Strong free chess program.


* Free, but much stronger than most commercial iPhone chess apps!

* Plays aggressive and dynamic chess, and is not afraid of...
by UAB Target Works
Chess!! - professional, luxury design chess game that you can play with your friends or against challenging computer opponent.

* Exclusive user interface and great sound...
by Evolve Networks
Get smarter by playing a smarter opponent. Or your iPhone. Chess Pro uses a strong alpha-beta pruning search algorithm rated at over 2500 ELO. It's probably the strongest chess engine available in...
by Amr El rafie
are you smart enough? deep thinker? able to concentrate enough for mastering chess game through its different difficulty levels?

it is time to challenge yourself.
Chess Master...