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With more than 300 published scientific articles and 150 non-scientific works, Albert Einstein has offered the world many many great insights, learnings and wise words. In this app you will find 60...
by BizMonger
This app generates business quotes.

Quote Builder is the first app required within Bizmonger's App Enterprise for managing business documents.

Once a quote is generated using this...
by pradeepreddy001
This app "Awesome Quotes" is a simple and celluloid app developed to provide users different types of Quotes and thereby importance of certain important personalities. This app consists of several...
by Jujuba Software
Jujuba Stock Quotes puts stock and index quotes from World's major trading floors at your fingertips either within the app or on a start screen live tile.

Our Stock Quotes app integrates...
by JPCortesP
Windows 8 Quotes lets you read and share to social networks Famous and inspirational quotes from Forismatic library.
Simple and fast App, focused only in Quotes.
by Alice Liu
This app provides a collection of Famous Bible Quotes. This is a simple app that can be used by every one.
by Wei Kang
Everyday Quotes is an online collection of quotes. Feeling bored or need some quotes, you can download this application.
by Nikki Punjabi
This app contains more than 400 quotes. The Quote are in relation to Life, Love, Friendship, Birthday, etc. There are in total 25 categories of different types of quotes. Each quote is displayed...
by SlavD
Every day the app displays a new quote from award winning tv show - Friends to make you laugh and remind you of all the great episodes.

Privacy Policy: Application never transmits or...
by Mattia Gollub
This app contains a collection of aphorisms and quotes of various writers, scientists, and celebrities. You can also add your own thoughts and have everything organized in a beautiful presentation.