Luckyshot.Photography Paid For Iphone Apps paid for iphone in description

by Malik Ejaz
*** Ranked amongst top 25 photography apps in US & Canada ***
Time Lapse Photography helps you capture those lovely events like clouds forming, plants growing, moon going across sky etc....

Do you like photography?
Or are you just starting a photo journey?
Would you like to make better shots? Learn new tricks and techniques?
by Synthaeum Ltd
Guide to Advanced Underwater Photography is a pocket reference for experienced underwater photographers, who want to improve their skills further.
The guide covers :- Lighting, Strobes, Rear...
by August Hesse
Aura Photography is a photography application that can reveal a person's aura colors. Aura's are energetic fields that surround a person. Colored energies are all around us. This application is...
by Dai.K
1:This application is a long time exposure calculator which is useful for both beginners and professionals.
2:Learn how to do simple long exposure, like star trail photography.
by Stroika
Small is beautiful. Well... Not always.

Macro Photography - incredible close-up images of insects, animals, humans, everyday objects. A large selection of the best Macro Photography to...
by Go2Share
Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography is something that can take your breath away when you get it right. Time Exposure Photography App make it easy.

Time Exposure...
by Dai.K
1:ND Filter Shutter Speed Sheet.(Just Swipe)
2:ND Filter Calculator.

So Easy and Useful.
It is very helpful when taking a long time exposure photograph.

■1:ND Filter...
by Florian Stiassny
Real-time lightning photography with iPhone made easy
The first photo app that enables everyone to take spectacular pictures of real lighting strikes with an iPhone!

by Trailblazer Media
"Learn photography and master your D-SLR with the Photography Trainer iPhone App"

* Top 20 in Photography *
* Over 50,000 downloads worldwide across all devices *

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