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by Xplocial Unlimited
Want to make money like the PROS? New to Xplocial or already a member-we have both covered. New Xplocial members can sign up through the App.Existing members can now quickly sign up new members...
by Feel Free Apps
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"It's like the Free version, but ON STEROIDS!"


Most people just know the "Basic...
by Harmony Software UK
Gps locations tracking application could watch your location changes and inform to your friends/family by e-mail on setted time period.
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Also, You could set send all...
by Frosby Studios
"Among educational apps this one is firmly planted in my Top 10 list -"

"By far the best children’s app I have found when it comes to variety, strong mental development and...
by 4fx Design and Multimedia Limited
***#1 Student Exam/School Organiser & Revision App***

This beautifully designed innovative app is used by students and parents on a daily basis whether it’s checking your timetable,...
by BidBox, LLC
Can you name all european countries?

You've got 60 seconds to identify as many european flags correctly as possible. There are a total of 45 flags that are displayed at random, giving you...
by sCore Developments Pty Ltd
** Jan 2014 **
- Cisco's new ICND exams are a rebranding of the CCNA exam, with some updated content. All information within TestMe is relevant to those exam, plus relevant to all Routing and...
by American Medical Association
* AMA Members can receive a discount on Rounder. Search the App store for "Rounder for Members"


AMA Rounder helps replace hand-written rounding notes and makes...
by Ultimate Civilian
The Ultimate Civilian is an effective survival tool with its main function enabling a user to be "Tracked or Located" at any stage during their journey, whether their journey is planned or...
by Tapp App
Search foreclosures near you right on your phone!
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