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by iPlayTones, LLC
Truly emotional, beautiful, inspiring and peaceful "Piano Emotions" Music & Ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks, by iPlayTones' Award-Winning film and television composer, Kyle J....
by i-Radio Inc.
What is the "i-Radio" application program?

This is the application program that can help you enjoy the program of "i-Radio" from iPhone.
("i-Radio" started as a pioneer of Internet...
by G2010 Co.,Ltd.
Inaugural release of the newest novel by Ryu Murakami. First time on iPad!

On the Christmas Eve of 2022, on the seabed near Hawaii, they discovered a humpback whale who can perfectly sing...
by G2010 Co.,Ltd.
The much-anticipated novel by Ryu Murakami in a Korean translation!
As his first e-book publication in 2010, this novel received heavy media attention in Japan.

On the Christmas Eve of...
You can get energy by a wise remark of Japanese regend people.
A wise remark is displaied at random.

Japanese regend people example
・Ryoma Sakamoto(坂本 龍馬)
・Kisyu Katu(勝...
by Takashi Sakamoto
HowDaysFree is an application which displays "days".
date of record", "cycle", "scheduled day", and "title" are registered, and each days and date are displayed from today's...
by G2010 Co.,Ltd.
A woman as a symbol who watches for my imagination and gives me inspiration. I started to call her, "Monica".

Fragmentary dreams by a composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and 30 stories by a...
Top-notch animations, from all over the world, for all people.
AnimeTunes is a VOD app, which will deliver a variety of must-see animations made by unique animation creators from all over the...
by bayfm78 Co., Ltd.
Official app of "bayfm78" FM radio station.
You can get the latest information of events and program.
In addition, you can listen to on-demand delivery of popular artists in the
by Thinkware
"Ryomado" is a pedometer application program that can walk together on the road where Ryoma Sakamoto walked.
The post to Twitter is also possible.