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by Playtend Apps LLP
Meet Dibu! A little boy with a love of monsters so big he built a machine to make them for you.

Inside Dibu’s Monster Maker are hundreds of monster combinations just waiting to be...
by Minoraxis, Inc.
Fantastic Knight fans, be sure to try the new online strategy/mmorpg: Reign Of Conquerors -- now free in the App Store!


Exciting action RPG, loved by...
by Big Whoop Studios
A colourful memory game designed for preschool kids featuring lots of cute monsters and backgrounds. Your child will have fun while improving cognitive and recall skills. Match monsters quickly and...
by Sesame Street
** Reached #1 paid education app for iPad.
"A winning e-book for the iPhone and iPad that should delight young readers." -- MacWorld
Top 10 Kids' App winner --
"Our #1...
Simple but Deep Gameplay!!
This is Dynamic Hunting!!
Experience Dynamic Monster battles with simple touch screen controls!

"Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting...
by 628 Games
Alien Monsters have invaded the planet. Our weapons are useless.
There is only one way of stopping them: Crush them with our skyscrapers!
Plant your bombs in the tallest buildings and watch...
by Dark Bear Interactive
Uh oh. Is that a monster under your bed? Oh no, it’s just Monster Weather for your iPhone (or iPod touch). You must have dropped it after being startled by the adorable beasties on the screen...
by theM Dev
Quick Tap Reflex is a reflex testing game everyone should have.

Great for pro gamers, casual gamers and everyone that needs practicing reflex skills.

It is not just another...
by Greatest Games
Quick! Save The Monsters from suburbia! Guide three cute, lovable Monsters to safety after they come crashing down to Earth.
Use the unique skills of each Monster and guide them through the...
by Chris Redford
NOTE: I respond to user reviews (especially ones that I feel are unfairly low such as the recent ones about not including multiple weapons) on the Quick Roll web site's Blog page (link to the web...