Morse Code Generation For Iphone Apps

Morse code generation for iphone in description

by JW Creation
The total solution for iphone utilities applications.

You have a tactical flash,
Off camera flash,
Morse code generator,
Magnified and zoom function enabled mirror,
by MAPP Editions Ltd
“SS Virginian to SS Californian – Titanic struck by berg Wants assistance urgently Ship sinking Passengers in boats His position Lat 41.6 Long 50.14”

At 11.40 p.m. (ship’s time) on 14...
by Turneo AG
LightHouse Mobile is a Morse Code generator application. The user can enter text into a form and the application will translate the equivelant Morse Code, which will then make the iPhone's ...
by Geometix GmbH Science & Solutions
MorseCode for iPhone - the mobile morse code generator

Generate Morse code singnals with your device by using sound or light sources of your device (depending on which device you are...
by AppSpherePro
“Morse Machine All-In-One” is a unique learning system that combines Morse Coder, Morse Code Generator, Morse Code Player, Morse Practice Tool and Flashlight all together!

“Morse Machine...
by TheSleekGeek
With Halloween approaching, Morse-Light has been updated with some spooky backgrounds! Now you can signal for help if you get trapped in a cemetery on Halloween!...
by Anytale Co.,Ltd
If you want to learn Morse code, the easiest way is using MorseTale!! There is no way to learn Korean Morse code without MorseTale!!

MorseTale is the most effective application for...
by HK Ahn
Record and Recognition, convert morse & text, generate morse sound, send Message & Mail, twitter & facebook

- No Noise and loudness level is normal, it can recognize correctly....
by Squeaky Software
"A fun and functional app for adults and children alike." -

SpyLight is the first iPhone 4 application that both sends AND receives Morse Code. Finally, you can translate a...
by HK Ahn
Record and Recognition

- No Noise and loudness level is normal, it can recognize correctly.
Touch Recognition button and it will recognize morse code sound automatically.
- No...