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by agusMagus
Stick Ninja is a platform game where the goal is to eat rice balls.
by onioro
Help the little ninja jump across rooftops to cross the city by tapping the screen!
by R.S.A
...And he decided to prove that he is the best. Fought one master after another. And winning the next master, he opened portals. Portals to other worlds, where other challenges were waiting for...
by R.S.A
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You can buy if you want help us create sequel....
by Awoker Games
Use your NINJA ROPE to travel far!
Tap to attach the rope; tap to release it.
by Mara apps
Unknown loner ninja become martial art master by developing brand new technique called Foodjutsu. He decided to share his knowledge with carefully chosen ones. You are among the rare people with...
Ninja Flush main concept is to collect coins and kill enemies while running. To get a high score, you should run as far as you can, collect as many coins as you can and kill as many enemies as you...
by GameSV
Michelanglo eat pizza on the sly, he be caught by his master and have to run away. Unfortunately, he unintentionally run in the area that gravity be changed. Michel have to always running and...
by GamerMax
The Penguin's paradise.
Destroy the precious cheeseburgers, footlongs, and sodas before the destructive camels get to it. Play as the evil penguin commander as you destroy all of the magial...
by CreatioSoft
The brand new running game, 3D Jungle Runner, hits on its dynamite debut on your Smart Phone!Life is short but running makes it seem longer! but in 3D format life become full of excitement....