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by oWorld Software
Quickly calculate prices with or without discounts!

Easily calculate percentages thanks to an intuitive interface. Enter the percentage and then complete the price with or without...
by Limpossible Technologies
Calculating Weighted Percentages is hard and not many people know or remember how to calculate a weighted percentage. You could search how to calculate a weighted percentage and with pencil and...
by Mirko
Percentage Calculator is tool to calculate percentages.

Find the percent of a number
Increase a number by a percentage
Decrease a number by a percentage
by Nanostuffs
Calculate the love percentage and see how much love are you getting.... Have Fun!!!
by Thomas Richardson
Do you need to know a percentage? Percentage Calculator Free can help.

Our latest application is a powerful tool allowing you to work out a percentage on any number. This can be useful at...
by DigiFun Games
7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is a quick and easy way to solve
percentage related problems.


by Omni Calculator
Everyday calculations * simple percentage calculator (5 percent of 40 is 2) * percentage increase/decrease (5 percent decrease from 40 is 38) * tip calculator * discount calculator * convert...
by Wagwan Apps
Displays your phone's battery percentage (battery percent, battery indicator, battery power, battery status) in your status bar / notification bar.Battery Percentage shows how much battery...
by Ian Tipton
Calculate percentages fast!! No need to press any buttons - calculations are done as you type.* Find a percentage of a number. Add and subtract a percentage. * Calculate the percentage difference...
by SoftDroid
Simple percentage calculator with big buttons. Ideal for quick calculations.If you like this application, you can not miss the full version with more rapid improvements and updates!