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by Reddfox
Presentation Master gives you the perfect guidance about how to deliver effective presentation.
by Gadget Nebula
Video Poker has one of the best payouts of any casino game.
But do you know how to play inorder to maximize your chances of winning ?

There are 2,598,960 possible hands and 32 ways of...
by Gp Imports, Inc.
Master the Code is very addictive game. You will love it from the beginning.

The device will be a code maker, you will be the code breaker. The device chooses a pattern of 3 to 5 code...
by Apps
Join this great Texas Hold'em Poker event: the Poker Tour.
Start the adventure with $ 5,000. Your goal? Grow your stack day after day, win a lot of dollars and go higher and higher...
by Reddfox
Photography Master provides the information one learning photographer requires. It gives user the information regarding each and every type of photography and also general tips about the photography.
by On-Core Software LLC
Time Master is used by individuals working independently, to attorneys from some of the biggest law firms in the USA. If you need to keep track of time and expenses, you can’t find a better app...
by Fortier Software Solutions
BRAND NEW FEATURE: Seating Organizer!

Rated the BEST poker timer software 2 years in a row is now available as a Windows Store App. With this Store App, you can organize your poker...
by Shubham nigam
A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. So here is the the app which will test the flexibility of your mind. Start...
by Croys Apps
Kakuro are easy to learn yet highly addictive language-independent logic puzzles now following the footsteps of the worldwide Sudoku success. Requiring just pure logic and simple add/subtract...
by Ratrod Studio Inc.
Drift Mania: Street Outlaws takes the heat to the streets allowing players to battle and compete in underground drift events based on various world locations.

From Japan where it all...