Portugal Continental For Iphone Paid Apps

Portugal continental for iphone paid in description

by Carlos Rodrigues
Com a Marés terá sempre a hora e o nível das marés em Portugal continental, Açores e Madeira.
Com 40 localizações de norte a sul saberá sempre qual é a melhor hora para pescar, surfar , fazer...
by MadRod
Se és um fã de Festivais de Música, esta ferramenta é indispensável...

A tua aplicação para os festivais de musica.
Uma ferramenta essencial para qualquer fã dos nossos...
by Jaysquared Hillebrand
Are you a frequent flyer? Tired of searching for itineraries in your emails and having the check-in apps for all airlines installed? With Boarding Pass all your flight information is just one tap...
by CXI Gaming
You've spent your hard-earned money on an airplane ticket. Now where to sit? Don't leave it to the airline to decide because chances are you'll end up in the middle of a row that doesn't recline....
If you love soccer, this is what you were looking for !
This application allows you to check the championships, cups and play-offs of Portugal in real time on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad...
by mogo.ch
Find quickly and easily every day the weather forecast LIVE for Portugal supervised 24/24 by weather forecasters experts updated up to 10X a day!

- Ad free
- Weather forecast for the...
by Innovative Language Learning, LLC
Master 10 Portuguese Words a Day = 3,650 Words a Year!

What has MyWords empowered others just like you to do?

Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation! MyWords...
by Kosher Penguin LLC
Listen to your favorite Portugal Radio stations on your iPhone & iPad with the "Portugal Radio Player"!

- Stations are sorted by reliability and popularity
by Velestar Private Enterprise
All your favorite and the most popular Portugal radio stations in the single application.

Key features:
- Recording
- Background playing
- Current song title
- Playing...
by Teleformar / IdeaFactory
A1 Radios of Portugal is the only Radio App you will need to listen to Portuguese Radios.

Now you can tune Portuguese radio stations (that broadcast to Internet) on your iPhone, iPod or...