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Rot spots in description

by Veloce Publishing

- Unique, no other buyer’s guide on the market
- Full colour illustrations of the major weak points
- Easy to follow, jargon-free text
- Filled with essential tips to...
by TwiCup
Solitaire-X is a board game for one player. The aim is (after performing valid moves) to have at the end only one marble left on the board in the red spotted hole. A valid move is to jump...
by Pour Haus Productions LLC
Win the Zombielympics! Take control over your zombie and get to the finish line while competing with other zombie opponents.

Now is your chance to show the undead community what you've...
by M2H
Spot the differences in these beautiful images! Fun for all ages on your iPhone or iPad!

Spot the Difference is a fun game for the whole family! Compare the images and tap on the...
by Streetline, Inc.
Parker shows you where open parking spaces are right now in more than 30 cities and universities in the US and the UK, while also giving you access to information for over 24,000 parking lots and...
by WeatherSphere
With nearly half a million users and hundreds of thousands of fishing spots, this app is the fastest and easiest way to find a fishing spot near you! Use from home, or on the go.

by SpotHero
SpotHero helps you find & reserve the best daily & monthly parking spots in Chicago, New York City (NYC), Washington DC, Boston, Baltimore, and Milwaukee (with even more cities coming...
by dooub inc.
-Featured App at Skyhook Wireless Blog
** If your GPS isn't pin-pointing your parked location, please move your pin(yes, it's possible on this app, just tap and drag) to your desired...
by Star River

✪ Beautiful Pictures, HD Quality
✪ Amazing hidden objects design!
✪ 240 puzzle stages + 3 play modes

Welcome to Spot the Diffs!...
by Apptown Studio AB
Spot the Word is a fun and fast-played word game. You challenge your friends or random opponents across the world. Who can Spot the Word in the shortest time using as few lifelines as...