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by Japan Shogi Association
Anytime anywhere, you can watch the professional shogi games !

This is an official application brought by the Japan Shogi Association to watch live professional shogi games.
You are...
by TAITO Corporation
Not only is the famed Morita Shogi on sale throughout this winter, but it has also been updated!
This latest edition--version 1.3.1--boasts even more challenging game play, a sleeker visual...
by Yoshikazu Kakinoki
5x5 Shogi (MiniShogi) is a variant of Shogi (Japanese chess).
Compact and speedy chess like game.
A player can use (drop) captured pieces.
This rule makes this game complicated and...
When that point was suddenly chess on the go, "Oh no! No chess board and pieces!" It Teiu What for?
But iPhone, iPod touch apps and this is fine if, Shogi with anyone anywhere....
by maru yon
Just a shogi board.

Immediately taken out with my friends game, anytime, anywhere!
So convenient for the study of a move.

How to move the pieces,
Please move Tap and...
Looking for online shogi against real human players?
Shogi Wars is it!
by Ides Co.,Ltd.
・Supervised by Japanese Chess Champion, Mr. Habu, and authorized by Japanese Shogi Association.
・This Shogi Application, not only “Play go”, but rate –up training is also availble by containing...
by SilverStarJapan
The 2nd "Ginsei" series which pursuit the world-top!!
"Ginsei shogi" appear at last!!

■CPU game■
The thought level of the computer is 101 stages.
The wide strength from the...
by advantgarde
Hasami shogi is a variant of Japanese chess called shogi.
This game is as simple as Othello, but strategic. Once playing the game, you will become fascinated with it.
This is the free...
by Jon Lay
Hasami Shogi is a variant of Japanese chess, similar to a cross between checkers and reversi. The goal is to capture your opponents pieces by sandwiching them between two of your pieces. Each...