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by Peter Weiss
The famous german drinking game now in english for the pros!

You are looking for a really hard and funny drinking game? Mrs Horst is the perfect choice!

All you need is enough...
by JS900
233 videos all about bar and magic tricks. There is something here for everybody!


Freeze A Beer In Two Seconds - Bar Tricks
Bar Trick - Truly Amazing
Bottle cap...
by Make It So Studios
A mobile version of Caps.

Caps, the drinking game where two players or teams throw a beer cap in to a glass. You drink if your opponent makes the shot and you miss. Play caps ANYWHERE,...
by Sunil Upadhye
Do you dare to face Never Have I Ever? The all-revealing, naughty party game for iPhone!

Do you want to spice things up? With Never Have I Ever, things just got a bit crazier! It’s the...
by CrazyMouse Media
Get your local bar to give you free food and booze, instantly!Seriously! Just tell your local bar to post a sign that says they're giving away stuff to people who download and win playing Carny...
by Mobile Apps Infinity, Inc.
Unique One Of A Kind Custom Emojis Made Especially For Our Youth. These emojis include the middle finger, shot glass, hookah, turn up, RIP, ballin, A-town, more. This brand has been made...
by Andrej Mihelic

Chosen into premium selection "Best 15 Apps of 2013" by of Cult of Mac & "Best Apps for iPhone and iPad 2013" by 9to5Mac.

Vert is the most amazing,...
by SkilledOne
The power hour is loved by many and get ready to love it on your phone. Simply fill up a shot glass with a tasty (non-alcoholic) beverage and drink as the timer notifies you with sound every 60...
by Luca Perino
The first and faster magnifying glass for the iPhone.

top 3 paid apps in Italy
#1 magnifier in Italy, france, Germany and...
by Ebda3 Studios
#1 App in 8 countries.


- This is a fun app, It will keep you entertained for a long time.
- Its awesome, addictive :D
- Simple and fun!
- Cool,...