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Simple roster for windows free in description

by Pani
Simple calculator designed for touch devices
by Simplovation LLC
Are you trying to loose weight? or, gain weight? If so, then Simple Weight Log will allow you to easily log and track metrics on your progress.

All compiled data is plotted on a graph to...
by Abhishek Chourasiya
Simple Mail is actually a simple app to send email easily and fastly.
The best thing with this simple Mail is ,you can send mails from your various accounts (e.g. gmail,outlook,ymail etc) .just...
Thinking of doing your Algebra assignment faster than light? What are you waiting for? Download the Simple Algebra app, which can calculate the value of simple algebra equations or check your answers.
Simple Book Reader is a useful image/comic viewer.

This app is ideal for low-capacity disk PC/tablet, because doesn't create the copied files.

If you create the "Map Network...
Simple calculator.
Storage for 3 variables on the fly
+ - / * , x^2, y^x, sqrt, ysqrt, sin, asin, cos, acos, tan, atan, log, ln, e^x, 1/x, %, n!
Enjoy it ;-)
by Diigo
Simple Outliner is an easy to use outliner which helps you create, collect and organize information in your brain or from outside.
by Marczan2501
Simple Shuffle is puzzle game where the objective is to arrange the numbered tiles in numerical order.
by Zamanis
Simple Video Converter title says it all!
Simple flexible video convert between MP4, WMV and MP3

Please Report any problem you experience and we will fix it in no time!!!
by Simple Productions
Simple Music Player by Simple Productions is a light-weight Music Player, which allows you to play music from your Local Library in a simple, yet ingenious way. Currently it supports filters by...