Small Nixie Tubes For Iphone Apps

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by Scott Lawrence
Now you can have the elegance and beauty of a nixie tube clock in your own pocket! Regular nixie tube clocks sell for hundreds, and are not easily reconfigurable. This one is inexpensive and you...
by Tobias Miller
"This is the most beautiful iPad display clock I have ever seen." -

Tube Time is an incredible display clock composed of gently glowing retro Nixie Tubes set on a backdrop of...
by Codeheap
Vacuum tube clock shows the time in Nixie tubes.
by ayAPop
Nixie tube Clock

Technical Data
Color of Tube Orange / Yellow / Purple / Blue / Green
Number of Tubes 8 / 6 / 5 / Analog
TimeDisplay 12-hour / 24-hour
DateDisplay ...
by Watmough Software
Nixie Clock Radio is a touch-based streaming AAC and MP3 radio and alarm-clock for your iPod or iPhone, the only Nixie-inspired streaming clock radio alarm in the App Store.

Nixie Clock...
by Rapido3d Limited
The original idea behind this project was to build a Nixie Clock as a limited edition of 10 units. Designed by UK artist Kev Stenning, the Steampunk Nixie Clock will measure 213mm...
by Waxing Wave
Retro Tuner is a musical instrument tuner for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It features a retro user interface in the style of an analog panel meter and Nixie tube note display, but below the...
by Tobias Miller
Clox is an amazing collection of 18 masterfully themed high-definition clocks unlike any you have ever seen. It's time to display the time in style!

• 18 Amazing...
by Hammer Software
The Nixie tube, an alchemy of glass and metal forged into an intricate and beautiful creation that is brought to life by the flow of electricity. The first truly electronic digital display device...
by yuzz5150
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VFD of "Single tube" type was reproduced on iPhone among display devices that were called VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display) =...