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by Alfie's Ark Games
With a twist on the classic tile matching games, squares takes you back to the roots of the genre but with a few unique tweaks.+ More than 400 levels with increasing difficulty.+ Lots of special...
by Evgeny EGOROV
A simple but deep tile game for one/two player.
- Single player vs AI
- Two players on the same device (hot seat)
- Two players over Bluetooth or GameCenter
Game video:...
by Jeffrey M. Johnson
A fun little puzzle for all ages. Katie's Tile Game is a take on the classic tile – sliding puzzles of old. Instead of numbered tiles, you put a chosen image back together. Great for young...
by i-App Creation Co., Ltd.
First introduce in App Store. Secret Tile Game Icon is a new lock type to protect your secrets. Anyone can play this game like normal tile game. But the only one who know how to enter to secret...
by Nicolas Riveira
Super addicting Super Popular Japanese game that test your skills and accuracy. Better than the other White tile games.
----------Only a few symptoms before going any further than the screen of "Are you ready?" some models, you can not play the game KAWARA.Please wait a little longer to deal with as soon...
by Doug Hansknecht
The My Picture Sliding Tile Game is a traditional slider game with a twist - it uses your own pictures from your phone!Just tap a tile adjacent to the empty slot and the tile moves. Once all the...
Sliding Tile Puzzle from 5am Bakery. Challenge yourself by re-arranging scrambled photos using very limited moves. Choose from easy, medium or hard modes. You can play with 5am Bakery Images or use...
by Widgisoft
Slide the pieces to switch them with their neighbour;

* Use pictures from your Photo Library.
* Show Hints
* Reset the puzzle
* Randomise the puzzle
by M Scott Ferguson
This game is based on Passman Toys Rummikub (tm) game.The object of the game is to empty the tray containing tiles to win according to these rules: First play must include at least 3 tiles in...