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by B+ Studio
★ Win a prize that is worth over USD$79.99! ★

"Argus:Equal and now its one of my favorite games on WP" Gadgetized
"Top 25 free games for your Windows phone" Theswapfiles...
by LEAD Technologies, Inc.
The LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer is a zero footprint solution for viewing DICOM Images with Window Level, Stack, annotations/markup and multi touch support for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop.
This is...
by Espace Pty Ltd
Are you a puzzle fanatic? Do you enjoy challenging and yet addictive and fun games?

If yes, then this is the game for you! "What's Pixelated?" is a brand new game concept from the award...
Presented to you by FlamingLunchbox is a puzzle, originally for Android phones, using a simple idea. Connect the path and win the game.
Each Curvy puzzle consists of a grid of hexagonal tiles....
by CodeLineStudios
Who Wants To Win Money is a trivia game, were the player need to responde to one question chosing between four possible answares., In this ame you also have four helps, that can help you in...
by Ananthakumar K
Play Game and answer the Questions displayed by choosing the available options.
if u succeed in completing all the questions, u can win a Crore !!!
Win Maps is an efficient application that works with all systems supporting Windows 8. The app makes use of Google Places and Bing API to fetch the data. This Windows store app allows you to change...
by JTO.C Sq.
Play 'N' Win!
JTO C. Sq. presents "Tap to Win" the first "Play 'N' Win" app to Windows Phone 7 users.
How it works? See below, Then download the application and start tapping....
Eko-Mapa je interaktívny, vizuálny a komplexný mapový navigátor, slúžiaci ako praktický pomocník, ktorý pomáha identifikovať „eko-body“. Napríklad zberne obnoseného šatstva, miesta kde zaniesť...
by Super Lazy
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