Absinthe Green Fairy Apps

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by Y Media Labs
Introducing The Tourmentor, for those who like the more fun and creative things in life.

Tourment Your Cocktail. We've always loved a good cocktail. The endless creativity of...
by Fee Tan
Andrew Lang's Fairy Books or Andrew Lang's "Coloured" Fairy Books constitute a series of fairy tale collections. Although Andrew Lang did not collect the stories himself from the oral tradition,...
by PalReader
Andrew Lang's Colored Fairy Book.Andrew Lang is best known as one of the most important collectors of folk and fairy tales.
The app Contains 12 books:
* The Blue Fairy Book...
by Levi Chulick
The safety of the fairies' flight home lies in your hands - so, you better stretch those fingers and crack those knuckles!

Arabella the fairy has just dropped off her green fairy friends...
by Cuteness Inc.
Welcome to the Wonderland! Beautiful fairies are here to embellish your phone screen and take you to the magical land of fairy tales, fairy dust, and moonlight. Prepare for the journey into the...
by Cesar Guinovart
With drinklobby, you can toast your friends from anywhere in the world!

Drinklobby allows you to share what you’re drinking and see what your friends are drinking in real time! This...
by Max Stage Technology
Fantastic multimedia picture books bring children a new reading experience!
The classic fairy tales, everyone can not forget the...
by Haiyan Hu
children's favorite fairy tales, there are beautiful illustrations per page
01 The Great Rooster
02 The Flint
03 A Silver Shilling's Journey
04 The Beetle Who Went on His...
by Mokadev
Celine is taking the train: her parents have to be away for a few weeks, and they thought it would be a good idea for Celine to visit her uncle Patrick.
But there are witches...
by Launch Technology Group
Amaze and delight your child by making the Tooth Fairy magically appear! The Tooth Fairy Was Here app makes it easy to have photos of the Tooth Fairy right next to your sleeping...