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Ads alien invader for iphone in description

by Illogical
"Alien Invader : Skillz Tournament" now supports multiplayer tournament with skillz, mobile's leading tournament based multiplayer platform. Compete with real players for real cash prizes now!...
by Stephen Walton
***** "super addictive shoot em up, brilliant"...N Williams

Nasty Fruit Alien Invaders are determined to destroy Earth and only you can stop them.

You are the last remaining fighter in the war against the alien invaders. Can you save humanity?
Enjoy the simplicity and retro feeling of this classical shoot`em up game boosted by incredible...
by Fiendish Studios
Captain Leap to the rescue!!

Aliens are invading your home town City of Harlem.

You need to run across the rooftops to blast the landing cute and gormless Aliens.

by Woody's Apps
Did you spend your time and pocket money a in the arcade?
Do you have the skill and timing to destroy the advancing waves of aliens, which become progressively faster as you advance through...
by Daniel Newman
READY TO STEP BACK IN TIME and help destroy the ALIENS?

An alien armada has invaded the skies and your 8-bit ship is the only thing that can save us.

Come into our retro world...
by Hesham Ahmed Kamal
- Stunning visuals and sound effects.
- Tons of different enemies.
- Different Boss ship at the end of each Stage.
- Over 30 upgrades.
- Different pickups to help you throughout...
by Richard Rabassa
This homage to the simpler days of aliens and quarters takes retro and futurism and throws them into a blender with some crayons.
by XotWin Games
Looks can truly be deceiving. These little aliens might have a soft spot for sweet treats and show you a smile that can melt your heart, but they are little devils in disguise.

Don’t fall...
by Jared Pack

Explore the mysteries of space!!!

Prove your astronomical skills and collect coins in this high flying alien invasion race! Get to the end before the aliens...