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Angry bad faces free for windows in description

by Manotech Softwares PVT Limited
Some bad guys have made you ANGRY, now you the ANGRY KID shoot them with your gun. Save yourself from these bad guys as they are too shooting at you. Just make a right angle and target to shoot them.
by Amr hamdy labib
Angry Shooter the incredible shooting game, the Angry Shooter player must stay away from the predators as much as possible, predators will keep tracking the Angry Shooter man and he must shoot all...
by Balu c
this application is all about Angry Birds Series and its characters
by Léo Dellouve
Pile ou face permet de trancher dans les situations les plus difficiles... ou lancer une pièce est nécessaire, mais où l'on en a pas forcément une sur soit!
by ElLadron
Angry boxman game completed for Game Design course at University of Technology Syndey,
its a physics platformer, you can attack, jump sprint and glide if you make it that far.
hope you...
by 3itg
Bad At Cat stars Watson the Cat. Watson is horrible at being a cat. Even if you help get down, he probably won't land on his feet. A Puzzle Game with 30 levels of challenging gravity based...
by cuoilennaocacban2
Watching Breaking Bad?
Miss an episode?
Or simple to watch it again?
Then this app is for you.
by Ashutosh_Kumar_Gupta
Wow!!We are talking about one of the most addictive game, Angry Bird.. Know more your favorite bird and there strategy, there attacks.. Download this app and let take revenger with green pigs who...
by Black Frog Industries, LLC
Ever wanted to swap two faces in a photo? Now you can! It used to take a Photoshop master to transplant one face onto another, but iSwap Faces® makes it so easy to switch faces that anyone can do...
by Hindenes
Having some problems getting 3 stars in all the Angry Birds Rio levels? By using the video tutorials provided by this app, you will know exactly where to aim your slingshot in order to get 3 stars!...