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by Carl Zacharia
This app provides current information on IRA Required Minimum Distributions from the Uniform Table, Joint Life Table, and Beneficiary Table. It also provide Life Expectancy and Life...
by Fluffy Delusions
A collection of 70+ calculators albeit mostly finance related in one easy to use app. Furthermore, you are able to copy, share, and export calculations. More financial calculators coming and feel...
by Wolfram Group LLC
To make informed decisions about your annuities, loans, mortgage, leases, and savings, turn to the Wolfram Time-Value Computation Reference App. This app will help with all of your time-value of...
by Business Compass LLC
For a series of equal annuity payments, calculates the present value of future cash flows. Interest rate associated with the source of cash is required.

Annuity payment option of arrear...
by Echoboom S.L.
Financial Calculator is a simple, yet powerful and accurate intuitive calculator.

Video tutorial:

* Time value of...
by YoungJa Hong

Simple and intuitive interface with this calculator,...
by Phi Mobile Media Services GmbH
The program "Finance Analyst" allows for interest and yield calculations.

Interest calculations can be done annually or below one year. Similarly continuous interest calculation can be...
by Wolfram Group LLC
The Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant is an essential tool for professionals and students in the finance field. Whether you are making investment decisions, trading futures, or...
by ByoungHun Jang

"Financial Calculator Pro" is a simple, yet powerful calculator
by AgileMobileApps
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This app is a powerful financial calculator, you can solve a lot of financial problems quickly and easily. This app have all features...