Astigmatism Test Free Apps

Astigmatism test free in description

by 3 Sided Cube

### FEATURES ###

- Visual Acuity Test
- Astigmatism Test
- Duochrome Test
- Colour Test
- Far field vision test
- Optician...
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5 Reasons for Having an Eye Examination

•You only have one pair of eyes. Once lost, your eyesight may never be replaced.
•Unlike your teeth, your eyes do not usually hurt when there is...
by George Kong softwares
When was the last time you had your eyes checked?
*** Easy way of testing of visual acuity, near reading vision, macular function and color vision ***
*** Portable eye charts, near...
by George Kong softwares
*** Easy way of testing of visual acuity, near reading vision, macular function, color vision and peripheral vision ***
*** Portable eye charts, near vision reading chart, amsler grid, color...
by Rocktime Ltd
You receive regular reminders in the post to get your eyes tested and you don't respond, you just stick them straight in the bin. You're probably one of the 40% of people that haven’t had...
by George YX Kong
When was the last time you have your eyes checked? eyeTests easy is written by a medical doctor for use by doctors, optometrists and patients to check eye sight.*** Easy way of testing of visual...
You will have on your hand a portable tests to verify the performance of eye visual, this application is good for students, nurses and doctors. It is very useful for those who need to do routines...
by George Kong softwares
eyeTests easy 简易视力测试 is an eye test App written in Chinese.
简易视力测试是AppStore上唯一的中文 视力测试 软件
* 你担心你的视力吗?
* 你担心你的孩子可能有颜色视觉缺陷吗?
* 你担心你或你的家人可能有黄斑的问题吗?
by Rocktime Ltd
Boots Opticians has created an eye care app to help you understand the importance of looking after your vision and eye health. The app is not designed to replace your routine check-up by an...
by healthcare4mobile
Personalized eye exercises presented as everyday vision therapy training plans designed to improve eyesight and prevent eye problems. The free eye tests will help to detect vision problems and...