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by Lucas Moffitt
Lesson plan manager allows you to create, deliver, report and share your fully customised lesson plans to your students or colleagues. Using the dynamic template you can select from existing...
by Dreams.Team.Bandder
this app help you to find more information about Mushrooms and Their Health Benefits.
it is just resources app.
all information on this app its...
by 7 Software s.r.o.
Get one of the most sophisticated task and actions manager on market. You can manage everything from simple tasks to long term problem solving, which require cooperation of multiple persons. You...
by Thomas Mutzl
Planning Poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of user stories in software development.

Just tap...
by Daniel Skalski
Twój plan lekcji w Twoim telefonie.
Łatwo sprawdzisz w której sali i jakie zajęcia masz następne. Pomoże Ci też w pakowaniu plecaka rano ;)
by Jakub Kurek
Plan zajęć dla każdego ucznia i studenta.

Aplikacja przechowa dla Ciebie twoje zajęcia na cały tydzień. Masz zajęcia w sobotę? A może cały czwartek wolny? W ustawieniach łatwo wybierzesz...
Help unscramble letters to create words. Sorts results by length and/or points (Scrabble and Words With Friends). A blank character can be used.
by StopJetLag
Want to Stop Jet Lag? Purchase a customized Stop Jet Lag plan at and access your information right from your mobile device.

Stop Jet Lag Mobile puts scientifically...
by iPass Inc.
iPass Open Mobile™ for Windows 8

Try the iPass network for free at or if you already have an account let us show you how to activate it at...
Amity University is one of the most hi-tech Universities in the world. Now Amizone (Amity Intranet Zone), the Student Intranet Portal is at your fingertips on Windows 8. Amity is the first Indian...