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by Goebbels Mario
Weightless is a quick and easy body mass index and body fat calculator. Just take a very few measurements and you're set.
by MAKNiazi
This application measure accurate Blood Volume,Body Water,Fat Finder, Heart Rate Finder, Body Mass and Calories o Finder of human body that show how much fit you are.
It also shows results...
by Dominic W.
Body mass index, or BMI, measures how much fat is in your body based on your height and weight. Your BMI can be a good gauge of your risk for diseases that are linked to being...
by Ceiba Software House
BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 years.

BMI can be used to indicate if you are...
by Kashif A. Mughal
This app helps you to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-to-Hips Ratio (WHR) and Waist-to-Height Ratio (WHiR).

BMI is a heuristics proxy for human body fat based on an...
by Chloris Technologies
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This is a lovely pets game, try to make your pet heathy and beautiful! You will get a pretty pet, who needs to bath, dress and...
by Babu Lal Suthar
BMI TRACK is useful to know your BMI score and save it. In future you can access your record and compare with newer BMI score by table or graph. BMI TRACK supports both types of measurement...
by fancygirlgames
Parrot Care Game Details
Sue has a collection of elegant and beautifully plumed parrots, and now she needs to learn how to make these tropical birds really pop with color!
How to Play...
by Braddock Software Ltd
Turn your mobile/desktop device into a tape measure. Photo Measure enables you to measure an object in a photo using an object of known size as a reference.
As long as both objects are the...
by hifi aptech bapu
User Get the information about Systems Of Human Body.
About Human Skeleton or Skeletal System.