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by minervaz
How to Superboost your Brain Power, Optimize your IQ, and Enhance Your Mental Abilities to the Fullest!

✪ Have you ever wondered how powerful your brain really is?
✪ Are you aware...
by Joseph Graffi
Focus Pocus: Brain Power is a game with benefits! It is played for fun, and may help users improve control of attention and relaxation skills in everyday life! The game was designed to provide an...
by Visionary Bits
Gain access to 10 of these games for a price of one. Great for all ages. Scientifically proven to increase your brain power!

1. Rain Math (arithmetic)
2. Word Scramble ...
Brain Power: How to Improve was removed
by Olga Pudrovska
You have only one second to decide if the answer you see is correct or not and tap the appropriate button.

If you give a wrong answer, t. rex dinosaur will appear and roar.

by Pomegranate Apps
Arcs is a spin on the classic sliding tile puzzle game! Use your brain power to solve 100 circular puzzles by rotating circles and sliding arcs. The puzzles begin with simple designs and grow more...
by Silver Beech Studios

As Seen In WIRED Magazine - #1 Nutritional App.

Superfood HD gives you the power to stay on track as we head into the new...
by BBG Entertainment GmbH
Feed your brain with a personal coach!

If you want to stay young at heart, and sharp mentally, take a few minutes a day and train your brain with Einstein™ Brain Trainer!

Sly fox,...
by XL Software Solutions
Remember Mastermind™ good old time ? The pride of breaking the code with a mix of cleverness and logic ?

Code Guess™ is the next generation of code-breaking game, with a very smooth...
by Hyperbolic Magnetism
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Escapology started as a side project of a Hyperbolic Magnetism team member (Split) while he was on tour with his band in Spain. He had found out about Ludum Dare competition and...