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by XLabz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Did you know that your brain generates 10 to 23 watts of power while you're awake? That's enough energy to turn on a light bulb! Curious to find out your Brain Power and exercise your brain? Then...
by Qualia Systems Inc.
Let's play concentration!

This is the version iPad.

From normal, 3-ply 2-ply, 4 ply, to play, full Concentration.

In addition, you can play with the cards and memorize...
by Morphonix LLC
In Brain Train, children learn to appreciate how special and unique the brain is. You’re shown a sequence of pairs of items. One item in each pair has a brain and one does not. You choose which one...
by AppWarrior
Discover the Secrets of Improving Your Memory!

For as much as we believe we train our brains and give them a good workout, we seldom actually do it on a regular basis.

by dBelement, LLC
If your regular cup of coffee isn’t waking you up in the morning, Cup O’ Joe will certainly do the job. The fun interactive application is designed to challenge you and get your...
by fang gu
Right Brain Training (Imagination) is an unparalleled puzzle game which is quite brilliant, surprisingly tinged with thrill and amazement. It is never difficult to play, nor are its rules...
by fang gu
Right Brain Training(Logical force) Right Brain Training(Logical force) Right Brain Training(Logical force) Right Brain Training(Logical force)
by Meeni Techno
***** Brain Training *****
Brain Training is the place to spend a boring Tuesday afternoon training your brain.If you want to test your logic skills and have fun, then this is the right place!...
by wePromite
A brain training game based on numbers, colors and shapes FOR TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES!!!Train your memory, math, reflexes and logical skills through different funny games...... and when you feel...
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