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Case files microbiology for windows paid in description

by Modern_Apps
File Explorer is an app that can be used to browse your local file system and interact with your files. Supports all your libraries by default and allows you to add any location from your computer...
by Jusarg
File Vault supports ALL file types and uses a combination of Encryption, Corruption, Extensions and a Passworded Login to Lock and Secure files safely inside your Vault!

Features a...
by Finebits OÜ
Files&Folders is a fully functional file manager for Windows 8.
Manage your files and folders, extract archives, watch movies, view pictures and listen to music.
by paul.tallett
Windows Store version of Windows File Explorer using Metro style.
Latest release includes major performance improvements, OneDrive* and intro video...
by Mads & Peter Sandberg Brun
Share My Files lets your send your local files to other Windows 8 PCs using either NFC or Wi-Fi Direct, to other Windows 8 apps using the Share charm or to any other device on your network through...
by ExplorerApps
An app version of the Desktop tool, Windows File Explorer. Allows you to browse folders and launch files.
by Rhythm Software
Popular file manager application now comes to windows 8! New designed UI following Windows 8 UI guideline! Optimized user interaction for touch screen such as Surface! Multiple resolution support...
by Davstar Apps
Welcome to 24th Century Computing!

LCARS Interface is an application that features a beautiful design inspired by the futuristic computers that were first seen in Star Trek: The Next...
by Lovo Apps
This App can Convert Video or Audio files in other formats.
You can convert a file in few simple steps maintaining or decreasing its quality, or for example you can extract the audio of a...
by putiSoftware
this player will play video(avi(h264)/mp4/wmv/asf/mov/3gp) and audio(mp3/wav/wma/aac) files.

and if you have windows8pro with media center pack, this player can play mpeg2 movies.