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by Smart Dev.
** Universal App! (iPhone + iPad) **
*** 'Pattern Puzzle' is simple and extremely addictive pattern puzzle game. ***

* USER REVIEW : 4.5/5.0 *
- Addictive fun for hours, This...
by Supportware
My Football Manager Online offers a new and refreshing way to play online football manager games. Play matches anywhere, anytime. Challenge your friends or try your luck against a random opponent....
by Apostek Software
Hangman word game with some serious spook factor! Supported by realistic sounds - thunder, church bell, creepy background music & cackle of the creepiest witch in the iTunes world!

by Midnight Labs
iButton allows you to test your speed, dexterity, endurance and competitive spirit against your self or friends in several different challenges. Play with up to 4 people simultaneously to see who...
Master your skills in Human Nervous System using an amazing set of mini games. NeuroGame has an excellent collection of Puzzles, Games and Quiz on Human Nervous system.

Students, this...
by Deep Sea Marketing S.A.
Pics - this is the best thing that could happen to your photos. Here you'll find a competitive spirit that you won't find with other photo apps. Explore Pics with your friends or on your own. With...
by Smart Dev.
** Wake up your sleeping brain. **

* USER REVIEW : 4.5/5.0 *
- Addictive fun for hours, This game is challenging and keeps you busy for hours, well worth downloading! - HerbKS
by Ivanovich
iDonutGP seems a tipical puzzle game, but it's a good example that how 2 simple rules can turn into something that makes you think and amuse

This is the arcade version of the original game...
by Verses Entertainment Group, LLC
Verses is a global multi-platform battle rap application.

-Battle rap users live or send offline challenges
-Vote battles
-Network, chat, and collab with other emcees...
by Anonymous Apps
"This is an EXCELLENT and useful application especially if you purchase the password protection feature."
- IOS-AppMaster

"By far the best app on my phone!"
- Dee2332