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Download Map Learner to sharpen your memory and become a World map expert. The Map Learner quizzes will help enhance your geographical knowledge. Map Learner serves as a mini globe, with a quiz and...
by Abdullah_Hafeez
BOOST YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!! A quiz game based on your knowledge of the world! Guess the country, capital or flag to earn points. Easiest and fastest way to learn about the world!
by Mihai M
Start having some geeky fun!
Quiz for Geeks is the perfect trivia game for geeks who are looking for a challenge. As you play, the difficulty increases. Thousands of questions cover topics like...
by Developer.ID
Country Flag is a simple game to help student memorize the country flag. Recently is a preview Apps, please be enjoy 10 quiz of 40 available country flags.
by Surface Knight
Put'em on maps (Over 10,000 downloads), put files (documents, media) on different maps.

I like traveling and I record the wonderful moment of my trips. Now, I can record and arrange those...
by La Vigo Studios
550+ countries, US states, and capitals under your fingertips!
Explore the world, test your knowledge and learn geography!
Select answers directly on the map, get dynamic hints, or prove...
by Niels Cup
Discover the world and challenge your geographical knowledge. Play and learn the worlds capitals, countries, hotspots and major cities. Drag the map to the exact location and hit OK before time...
by SujogyaBanerjee
This wonderful App tells you the capital of over 190 countries, along with their locations on map and respective flags of the country. Download this app and make a quick trip to different nations ...
by JavaLangIT
World Tribes Quiz 2 is an interactive quiz app to learn and test your knowledge about many kind of tribes in the world that spread over many continents and countries. This app is intended for all...
by JY Software Limited
-Update 1.1
Scoring system updated

-Update 1.0
Scoring system introduced

Think you know your countries by their maps? See how many you can name in Guess The Country! With...