Cross Wind Component Apps

Cross wind component in description

by PunkStar Studios
Another flight aviation application from PunkStar Studios.

This is based on the CRFI (Canadian Runway Friction Index), your licensing country may have their own tables.

The first...
by Lonnie Ganz
FlyBy E6B is an essential application for all pilots. Designed by a professional airline pilot it includes many features not found in other E6B programs.

Always improving:
FlyBy E6B...
by airlinetools GmbH
A useful calculation and decoding tool for professional pilots.
Quick and easy entry and instant calculation for all values. Built-in help page for every part of the...
by Claus Richter
Gyronimo's E6B Pro Pad. The Flight Computer - Reinvented.

Gyronimo introduces the ultimate flight computer for the iPad 2,3 and iPad Mini.

The E6B Pro Pad features:

"Your Speaking Co-Pilot"


Bad weather can make...
Hard take off / Crazy landing.

But your...
by Purgatory
Calculates light aircraft take off performance using the performance tables located in the Pilot's Operating Handbook combined with the current conditions.It is able to calculate the runway...
by Superlinux - Rani Fayez Ahmad
This application consolidates as many as it can of important engineering formulas while giving the chance for the engineer to calculate the formulas through organized ready forms.the 5 US dollars...
by Len Robinson
Featured in Flying Magazine July 2012 "8 Great Aviation Apps"!
Reviewed favorably on AOPA Flight Planning App Roulette 20 Nov 2012

Designed by an airline pilot, Spin-a-Wind calculates...
by iPortable Solutions LLC
X-Wind Pro XL is a simple, yet powerful application that computes crosswind, headwind, and tailwind components for takeoff and landing. Designed by an airline pilot, its simple user interface...
by Code Stork, LLC
Just point your phone in the direction of the flag and hit calculate. Using your GPS location, Golf Wind uses a custom algorithm to provide accurate current wind direction and speed. Using this...