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Current temperature high for iphone paid in description

by iPocketPC.Net
Turn your iPhone/iPod or iPad into a futuristic Tricorder. iTricorder has a GPS - Locator, Current Weather, Flash Light as well as some utility information like battery status and disk...
by Daniel Toranzo Perez
AppWeather: Check the Weather condition and images of your location.

Current weather condition.
Current Pressure.
Current Clouds.
Current Humidity.
by Muhammad Ibraheem
Say Hello to your new Mate - Weather Mate. The most accurate and beautiful weather app on the appstore.

Weather Mate is a stunning new application that combines cutting edge weather...
by Cipper
Temperature Now! V5.0, the biggest thing ever to Temperature Now!

Unbelievable elegant and easy! Looking for the best app for temperature?

Sold in over 12,000+ locations and...
Visual weather and temperature information wherever you find yourself in the world!
This app does't just display the current temperature it also supplies current weather conditions as...
by Dmitry Alaev
Simple and good look weather application with detailed forecast covering the whole planet and digits clock. See the current weather in stunning high definition weather animations!
Get last...
by Voros Innovation
iRun Weather Alarm Clock is an alarm clock like no other. Based on a unique concept, it wakes you up for your morning run only if the weather is good (as determined by you). If weather conditions...
by Presselite
Weather is the original and number 1 weather application on the AppStore.

NEW : Rain Alert, the app sends you an alert (push notification) if it's raining in your location!

Sleek Interface... Usability... Ease of Use...Complete Data... Your dream weather application is here.


"iWeather Complete Pro" is a...
by Evan Coleman
MenuWeather is designed to be the only weather app you will ever need. It has all the data you need all packed into a simple and easy to use interface.