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by Sam Jarawan
With over 2,000,000 downloads My Notes is simply the best note taking app for Windows Phone. Quickly and easily create, edit and have quick access to all your notes.

Release 2.0 with...
by Hexenhal
The best app to keep track of your hydration levels. "Water Tracker" is an simple, easy to use and full featured water tracker. Reminders, history, single tap entry, theme customizations - the...
by kanoe
Computer draws one of 4 aces in different colors. Player must guess this color. The game ends when one of player reach 5 points.

2-6 players
by Compiled Experience
Create color schemes from images using dominant colors and their harmonizing colors. Bing wallpapers are a fantastic source.
by Intellijoy
Kids Colors lets toddlers and preschoolers learn to recognize colors and name them in ways that are really fun.

The game is from Intellijoy. We specialize in educational games with the fun...
by Franz_Buenaventura
Color Blind - Revenge of the Number is a very exciting arcade style game where you need to input the sum of all numbers and depending on the color you will need to multiply it first.

by Collecting Smiles
Colors! is a simple and fun painting application. With its simple but robust tools, it allows for artists of all stripes to easily create. It also features integration with the Colors! Gallery,...
by WhisperArts
'Colors for Kids' app will help your children to quickly learn colors and their tints. With the help of developing games they will learn colors of different objects and all colors of the rainbow....
by Sprakelsoft UG
"Color Flood HD" is a simple, addictive and easy to play puzzle game for Windows 8!

The goal is to flood the board with a single color! You start at the top left corner and you have to...
by stijnvanhulle
This is a game where you have to hit the right color. You will see a color and then there are 3 colors that you have to push so fast as you can.