Decision Apps

Decision in description

by Sven Schabbach
Answer Me, Oracle - The magical oracle always finds an answer to your yes or no question - for everybody who needs to find the right decision!

★★★★★★ From the makers of the Top #5 apps in...
by Kein & Aber AG
Visualize your goals and make the right decisions

This app will help you make decisions. Whether at home or at work, whether for yourself or a team: The
visual models in this app help...
by Orangefish.INC
Facing two attractive girls, which one should you date? facing tempting job offers, which offer should you take? going out for dinner with your girl, which restaurant should you pick? ... life is...
by Intersog
"#1 among 8 Educational Apps for Small Business Owners" - Mashable

This app includes

- rich knowledge base
- examples and illustrations
- practical applications and...
by GreatLife Software
Pick a movie or a dream date, compare apples and oranges, choose between a rock and a hard place!

Make the smartest decisions ever, solve dilemmas, and keep track of why you made...
by Lam Sen
Always fault on the hell level in Puzzle and Dragons? Want to get powerful dragons without wasting magic stone? Going to clean minions in one move? Path and Decision is your best...
by Grey Duck Interactive, LLC
It's stressful making decisions, especially when you don't want to disappoint someone. Choose For Me will let you make completely neutral decisions in seconds, without having to second guess...
by Nicholas Cellini
Stuck for choice? Let FATE decide, with Roundom: Decision Maker!

Can't decide what restaurant to go to tonight?
Bickering with friends about what movie to watch?
Enjoy Wheel of...
by Swamiware LLC
Tired of making those tough decisions?

You are an important person. The buck stops with you. You have worked hard to get to the top.

Everyday you make decisions-- hard...
by Mighty Lizard
Can't decide where to go on date night? How about what charity to give to? Have a crew that always goes out to lunch together but can never decide where to go.

Not only can The Plan make...