Digital Speed Display Apps

Digital speed display in description

by Apptruism
Speed Alerts is a speedometer that allows you to create alerts to warn you if you exceed that speed.

- Digital speed display
- Realistic analog (needle) speed...
by Basit Ali
This app is a GPS Speedometer for your iPhone and iPad. The features include:

* Analog and digital speedometer based on your mobile phone's built in GPS
* Supports several units...
by Eccentrica Technologies
Android users rejoice. Your phone is now a fully functional analog/digital speedometer. At the same time the app is also a speed alarm to save you from speeding tickets.Speedometer FeaturesThis app...
by malcdevelop
Speedo Training - teaches beginners to drive and experienced follow the rules.This speedometer can display speed and distance in miles or kilometers per hour.Displays real-time trip distance,...
by Patrick Giudicelli
Digital Thermometer display the current OUTDOOR temperature of your GPS position.
The temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

- Display the temperature
by PalettePlus
"SPEED LIMIT METER" is a simple digital speedmeter using GPS. I can use this application in various scenes, such as a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, and a train. Main - Warn of an excess...
by hikaru
Live wallpaper matrix code.Please set your idle screen.Please staring. The same screen will not appear again.But a little ugly, a digital clock displayed in the matrix code.Please enjoy in the mood...
by Hans Schneider
Speed Box Free is a free speedometer for the iPhone. Track your speed and distance from your iPhone!

* MPH, KM/H and KNOTS display
* 3 Beautiful Speedometers
* Digital...
by Kiraline Inc.
If you spend a lot of time driving or making a dozen of calls and messages a day, iCaller by «KiraLine» is a new utility you really need. Besides, the application will suit everyone, who...
Always On! – The perfect integration for iPhone into your Mercedes-Benz equipped with Drive Kit Plus.

Keep in touch with your friends via Twitter or Facebook, listen to your personalized...