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by Mike Irving
Impress your next SEO Client with Live Stats & Analysis!

"...Making your website known can be extremely hard if you do not know how to market yourself. Website SEO Checks can change all...
by Mike Irving
Impress your next SEO Client with Live Stats & Analysis!

Website SEO Checks Lite is a quick and easy all-in-one tool to do many of the checks, and lookup many of the stats, that you will...
by Scott Hendison
This app evaluates nearly everything you would want to look at regarding on-page Search Engine Optimization, and usually completes the analysis in about 45 seconds.

After completing the...
by Matthias Gasser
⭐Multitouch is a gesture driven clean and blazing fast web-browser ⭐

The whole user interface is optimized for a rapid and convenient browsing experience.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ USER OPINIONS ⭐...
by Matthias Gasser
This is the first PRIVATE FULLSCREEN and MULTITOUCH based webbrowser exclusively! -> Touch with 3 fingers to get started <-

Stay always private. Just press the home button. All traces...
by SuperRoot
Want to keep up on the current events, news, inside info and the latest "Beef"!

The news is updated several times a day from reliable, accurate reporting...
by Nethar
Provides convenient access to ownCloud Bookmarks.To use this application you need to have access to ownCloud installation with Bookmarks extension enabled. At least version 5.0 of ownCloud is...
by MarginWeb
This application is a must have for all website owner that wants to keep tracks of their online presence. Check your Google ranking, your audience in social media and improve the performances of...
by Adam Simek
With this app you can easily add every possible link on your homescreen. It simply integrates itself into the share menu, so it is always quickly available.It uses website favicon as the icon, or...
by Marmottajr
Analyze the on-page SEO and off-page of a website.
- Screenshot
- Title
- Description
- Favicon
- Robots TXT
- XML Sitemap
- HTTP Header
- IP (number e...