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Group emails in description

by Jonathan Teboul
Group Email lets you quickly send a group Email or a group text to all your contacts or to groups without having to add contacts one by one. You can create groups and smart groups. You can use...
by Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited
Create group of contacts, Send group emails, attach voice memos and send locations.
by Mark Francis
Group Email Tool is the ONLY app in the App Store that allows you to send personalized emails to groups of contacts from your mobile phone’s address book – “mail merge for mobile”. As each email is...
by Silverware Software
Speed Names is the absolute QUICKEST and EASIEST way to add a contact to your iPhone or iPod Touch! Speed Names also provides easy filing of your existing contacts into groups. Speed Names can...
by Nexscience LLC.
Manage Group of contacts. Send emails to groups. Attach voice memos and locations
by iTech Developers Inc.
Create group mail contacts easy, so you can send email from any mail app.

Just select the desired contacts, a group name, and ready to send!

To send email just select the new...
by Masalasoft (Pvt) Limited
The easiest and coolest way to manage contacts, create groups and send SMS text messages or emails to groups of people. This beautiful app is designed for people who love to communicate and it...
by fico21Soft
Statement on the iPhone or send an email to the group is very inconvenient.
The Message + app to relieve this discomfort is very convenient to send a group letter and e-mail
ZXContacts is an address book management tool designed for private contacts/groups management, group SMS/email and so on.
ZXContacts is also a social networking tool to configure contact...
by Francesco Bertocci
Do you ever find yourself re-writing the same email message over and over? Or writing to the same group of people?
Hello Goodbye is the most flexible way to create templates for your emails,...