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by MetaMoJi Corporation
Multi-award-winning interactive whiteboard and note taking app rated top 10 in more than a dozen countries!
## Only note-taking app available across all major mobile platforms...
by althi Inc.
【For iOS7 users】 We noticed that there is a technical difficulties. We are currently working to solve it and will fix it on our next version.
Thank you for your patience and we apologize any...
"Schedule St." is a day planner application.
Incorporating various functions such as TO-DO lists, text memos, voice memos, photos and functions.
It can be further customized just like...
"Schedule St. HD" is the iOS’s standard personal organizer app "Schedule St.", provided by ELECOM Co., Ltd., optimized for a iPad's high screen resolution.
Equipped with TO DO and Text / Voice...
by althi Inc.
Drop your enemy into the sea! This is your mission to complete!
"Survival Penguin" is 3D exciting battle game that so many unique characters battle on various shapes of icebergs. Fun &...
by althi Inc.
NINJA PIGS are now famous worldwide!! Over 250,000 downloaded!!
It's a simple, exciting and great fun puzzle game for all!!
New area is added and waiting for your...
by althi Inc.
Help the kingdom that is almost destroyed by the dark invaders!!!

The Dark Fantasy is a new style RPG battle game to help the kingdom to revive by strengthening your military with...
by Goodia Inc.
Have you ever racked your brain to remember how long it was since you last did a certain thing or went a certain place? Stop racking and start tapping!
This easy to use little App can keep...
by althi Inc.
A new function,”Picture Book (Paradise Book)” has been added!

Register your creatures on the ”Picture Book (Paradise Book)” and make your original picture book!!

You will receive...
by Taosoftware Inc.
3D Break the Bricks Artemis brings a whole new feel to puzzle action game.
It is the game which combined "3D Break the Bricks" and "squash" and still more beautiful graphics and sound united....