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by Xuehui Wu
IPMap - IP Address Lookup Details & HTTP Wireless File Sharing with latest WorldWide IP database & FREE Monthly update. Accuracy: Over 99.8% on a country level and 83% on a city level for the US...
by SysNucleus
HTTP Trace is an HTTP analyzer (HTTP Sniffer) which monitors and analyses both incoming and outgoing HTTP / HTTPS traffic while users interact with websites.

The app, which is an HTTP...
by Gummy Bear Studios
FTP Drive + HTTP Server is the ultimate app as for usefullness and ease of use to bring with you and share all your important files through your iPhone/iPod!
When you're in a hurry or simply...
by Paul Hudson
This app is the perfect companion for all web server sysadmins, offering the fastest and easiest way to test requests on your server.

- Create your own GET, POST and PUT requests,...
by Janus Security
HTTP Replay (previous HTTP Sniffer) is a manual web security testing tool which can capture HTTP requests, include request headers, post data, and you can modify the request and then resend them....
by Xuehui Wu
HTTP File Sharing, USB Drive, Upload & Download


√ Support ALL Major File formats and Folder

√ HTTP Wireless File Sharing

√ Web...
by ANTHONY Blatner
HTTP Client is an awesome developer tool for testing HTTP requests.

This tool enables you to run any HTTP request and is critical for testing APIs, networking, URL loading, authentication,...
by Element-IT
Client for Http Commander web file manager.

Provide access to your files and folders from anywhere.

Support basic operations:
- Create new folders
- Rename
by Max Kramer
Requester App for the iPhone is an easy way to test HTTP requests to an website, API or server.

Requester only requires you to enter the website that you would like to send the request...
There are numerous devices available that can be controlled with simple HTTP commands via API's, such as home automation, cameras, thermostats, even connected toys. A simple application that makes...